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EOE APP and Modern Essentials App

Learn how aromatherapy can benefit health and well-being - naturally!  Get current, scientific guidance on the therapeutic use of essential oils at your fingertips. Streamline your access to information with a unique, color-coded recommendation system that quickly points you to the right oils and blends for over 200 health conditions.  Both are available on Android and iOS devices.

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doterra Ebooks

Here you can learn about a different variety of topics from oil usage, to personal care, cooking with essential oils, essential oils & sleep, fitness with essential oils, emotions, supplements & much much more!

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The Essential Life Book

The perfect essential oil reference guide for either the novice & expert oil user. Fully updated with the latest research & expertly written to help you quickly find the perfect oil or oil blend. This essential oil reference guide provides easy to use steps, usage tips and advice along with in-depth, expert-level knowledge.

Emotions & Essential Oils

Essential oils are widely used for physical health, but not as often for emotional healing. Emotions & Essential Oils bridges this gap as a user-friendly guide for helping you taking charge of your emotional health. The guide first describes the innate emotional properties of common oils and blends. Then, a reference chart and comprehensive index help you choose oils and blends for a wide variety of emotional states.

Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

In this book you will find essential oil recommendations for common conditions with pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care. While many pharmaceutical drugs cannot be taken during pregnancy or by infants, many essential oils are highly effective and safe for maternal and infant ailments. This book is written for prospective and new mothers and their babies during the complete 9 months before and 9 months after delivery.